Family Feud: Donald Trump Jr. Shuts Down Hillary With One Tweet

What a time to be alive.

On Wednesday night, President Trump tweeted about Hillary Clinton’s latest interviews, in which she, among other things, blamed everyone but herself for losing.


The president has a point, but it’s sadly one of those all too frequent moments Trump should keep his mouth shut and let Hillary pillory herself.

Which she did.

One thing Hillary hasn’t learned yet — what most Republicans learned during the primary, if not the general in 2016 — is no one gets away with what Trump does, except Trump.

Hillary tweeted this in response:

Despite using Trump’s typo twice in ostensibly two separate meanings (not a big deal because the word literally means nothing, despite Sean Spicer and President Trump’s attempts to act otherwise).

However, responding to Trump at all set Hillary up for this blow from Trump’s namesake, Donald Trump Jr.:

Ouch. Consider the mic dropped on any further provocation from Hillary.



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