Sexy and Stupid: Video Confirms Celebrity Ignorance About Health Care

A new Funny or Die video has female celebs, featuring Rebecca Romijn and Blac Chyna, showing off exactly how lacking in depth they are when it comes to health care policy.


In the three-minute video, the women go on cute little forays about their lady parts while attempting to affect a sexy tone.

“So please, when politicians talk about things like not wanting to cover contraception or prenatal care or mammograms, think about us,” the women say. “Sexily begging you to keep us healthy — because there’s nothing sexier than being alive.”

Who wants to tell them that no one is trying to take away women’s health care or beating the drum for women to die horrible deaths?

What is at issue is who pays for it and what. Whether men should be forced to purchase plans that include mammograms and maternity care and a myriad of other things. But don’t let anyone ever say that a celebrity video ever let facts get in its way.

This video shows just how dishonest the left will be in trying to convince low-information consumers of celebrity propaganda that Republicans and conservatives are running around slapping birth control pills out of women’s hands.


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