Oh Boy: Glenn Beck Tweets about Tomi Lahren and it's ... Not Good

Conservative media mogul Glenn Beck seems to have had enough of fellow Blaze TV host and faux-conservative Tomi Lahren.

Kimberly Ross wrote about Lahren’s excursion into mainstream television on Friday where she proudly announced that she’s a “constitutional” and, to be honest unsurprisingly, announced that she is pro-abortion and even threw in some leftist talking points while she was at it.


Over the weekend, Beck first alluded to Lahren’s comments on Friday.

But by Sunday night, it seems the decision was made to finally come out adamantly against Lahren’s self-styled “truth.”

Adding his characteristic self-effacing introspection over giving Lahren a platform to spout her ill-informed, nonsensical opinions.


Beck has maintained a hands off approach when it comes to other shows on TheBlaze TV and TheBlaze news site. How he addresses the situation on The Glenn Beck Program Monday morning will be interesting.


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