Glenn Beck on Tomi Lahren: "It's no secret we don't agree on quite a lot."

As was announced on Twitter by the man himself, Glenn Beck addressed the issue that has become gargantuan in the realm of conservative news media: The affiliation of faux-conservative, pro-abortion Tomi Lahren with Beck’s TheBlaze television network.


As I wrote earlier, Beck has intentionally taken a hands-off approach with other hosts on TheBlaze, largely to his credit. But in the past week, Beck has made statements and tweeted his disagreement with Lahren’s “truth” and her claims that she is a “constitutional” with “libertarian views.”

On his radio show on Monday morning, Beck made a full-throated repudiation of Lahren’s comments but began by saying he doesn’t demand conformity of thought or want sycophants at TheBlaze.

“You can be pro-choice and have a job at TheBlaze,” Beck began. Pointing to Amy Holmes, who is openly pro-choice, heading up TheBlaze’s original flagship news program, Real News, until TheBlaze shuttered its studios in New York.

“It’s no secret that Tomi and I don’t agree on quite a lot,” Beck said, before going on to say that Lahren’s continued employment at TheBlaze was not a conversation to have on the air or the purview of conservatives who have been calling for her firing.


Beck instead focused on the issue of defending life in juxtaposition to Lahren’s implication on The View that conservatives are hypocrites for saying they want the government out of their lives but don’t want the murder of human life regardless of birth status.


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