Donald Trump Has Already Decided Who He Will Blame if Obamacare Replacement Fails

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The reception of the House GOP Obamacare “repeal and replace” bill has been less than ideal to say the least. I have yet to see one positive conservative analysis of GOPcare — a.k.a. the “World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017” — and I’m not alone.


Nevermind the fact that the House bill is being panned as Obamacare Lite and isn’t the repeal Republicans promised if elected. Trump has already chosen where he will lay the blame if the current GOPcare bill doesn’t pass Congress: The Democrats.

President Donald Trump revealed his plan in the event the GOP effort fails: Allow Obamcare to fail and let Democrats take the blame, sources at the gathering told CNN.

This sounds like a great idea absent logic and facts. Like the fact that Republicans have had years to come up with a plan for repealing the ACA and what they presented was a mess of a product no one besides Paul Ryan’s ilk seems to want.

As we’ve learned over the last nearly two years, all bets are off when it comes to Trump. His plan to put the Democrats on blast if and when GOPcare fails and Obamacare is in its death throes, will be pushed back hard against by the non-Fox News media. But with the media having a lower favorability rating than Trump these days, who knows. Maybe there are enough of his lemmings who will eschew logic and their own memory in favor of Trump’s alternative facts.

Is the fact that we have a failing healthcare system due to the solely backed by Democrats Affordable Care Act? Yes. But after the Republican Congress voted to repeal Obamacare repeatedly when they didn’t have the White House, but won’t choose to do it now and are instead letting Trump call the shots and demand a replacement concurrent with (non)repeal, blaming the Democrats won’t hold water.


Trump’s plan to torpedo those who don’t get behind GOPcare could also be taken as a veiled threat to conservative groups and members who are decrying the bill as the hot mess it is. Particularly as the meeting where he reportedly made these comments was with a group of highly recognized conservative thought leaders.

During the hour-long meeting, sources said Trump chastised the groups — including Club for Growth, the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks and the Tea Party Patriots — for calling the House GOP proposal “Obamacare lite,” warning the tea party activists, “you are helping the other side.”

And there it is. In other words, Conservatives, you better get in line or you’ll be on the receiving end of Trump’s diatribes and vitriol.

Trump so far has been better than most conservatives could’ve hoped for or imagined, but the healthcare replacement Trump and House Republicans are currently touting will is the first challenge for conservative groups and members of Congress to stand up and say this is not the repeal we’ve been looking for.




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