Kellyanne Conway Hilariously Puts Burden of Proof on James Comey for Trump's Claims

Judge  Jeanine Pirro laid out some logic to Kellyanne Conway on her Fox News show over the weekend and Conway was having none of it.

Pirro asks Conway why the onus should be on F.B.I. Director James Comey to prove that they did not tapp Donald Trump’s presidential campaign or transition team in 2016 when Donald Trump is now president and could declassify the information himself.


Conway sticks to her script and insists Comey should release a statement, rather than ask the Justice Department to confirm it never happened.


Conway never bothers to address the fact that President Trump is the one throwing out claims that his campaign and transition team were wiretapped by the Obama administration.

Throwing out claims without evidence and then saying “prove me wrong” used to be the purview of Democrats like Harry Reid. Donald Trump needs to remember he’s now the president of the United States. And when he doesn’t, someone needs to remind him.


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