Ben Sasse: It is the American tradition that we should always be skeptical of our government.

Every small government, free market, constitutional conservative understood when Donald Trump won the Republican nomination and then the presidency, that true American conservatism was no match for American’s current taste for unadulterated populism.


This is likely why when people like Sens. Mike Lee and Ben Sasse start speaking about core American values and the Constitution.

On Tuesday, Sen. Ben Sasse’s response to MSNBC fill-in host Katy Tur’s question of whether or not we can trust the Trump administration was exactly the reminder Americans need to hear, but rarely do.


Sen. Sasse launches straight into the fundamental American belief that we should always be skeptical of our government. His impromptu civics lessons are a veritable breath of fresh air compared to the big government, authoritarian postulations we expect from Democrats and the left, but are now seeing from Republicans in the wake of President Donald Trump.

Watch the entire video here:


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