'Those Who Want Us to Be Loving, Want Us to Kill Our Children': Watch March for Life's Powerful Closing Speech

Bishop Vincent Mathews, Jr. of the Church of God in Christ was at Friday’s March for Life to close out activities before the march. He wound up touching on an issue that affects many in the pro-life movement: the disparity between the number of Black or Hispanic babies aborted every year, as opposed to other races.


The numbers are heartbreaking. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 28 percent of abortions were of Black babies in 2014, followed closely by 25% of Hispanic babies. Unsurprising in light of the fact that one study says 79% of abortion clinics are within walking distance of black and Hispanic neighborhoods.

Watch Bishop Mathews’ powerful speech here:

The Church of God in Christ is considered the largest “Black church” in America with 6.5 million members and with more than 12,000 churches nationwide.

The church, under the influence of Bishop Charles Blake, has taken up the mantle of adoption as an alternative to abortion. An alternative desperately needed in the Black community.

As Bishop Mathews states in his speech, the pro-abortionists are the same people who “want us to be loving, but want us to kill our children.”

Bishop Mathews also markedly uses the phrase “Our [Black] lives matter.” This statement cannot be more underscored. If Black lives matter, then the unborn lives of their children must matter as well.


Lastly, on a personal note, I still remember the day my older sister, in her very early twenties and very early stages of pregnancy, called a 20-year-old me to say she needed help, she couldn’t go through with her abortion appointment and didn’t know what to do. His dad is an immigrant from the small African country of Gambia. Today, January 27th, our family celebrated my nephew’s 13th birthday.

I know not all stories have great endings. My sister and her husband still have to make it through my nephew’s teen years, but there is still an immeasurable joy to be found in unplanned things.


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