People Who Screamed ‘Bake the Cake!’ Advocate ‘Don’t Serve Them!’ To Obamacare Opponents

Apparently, it’s totally fine to not serve people you disagree with again because Democrats are upset about Republicans controlling Congress and Donald Trump occupying the White House.


A group called the “Democratic Coalition Against Trump” is so irritated that Republicans want to repeal and replace Obamacare that they’re willing to hurt businesses in the D.C. area and their employees by threatening to boycott any restaurants and bars who do not bow to their demands.

From the Independent Journal Review:

 In a tweet that’s since been deleted, Scott Dworkin, senior advisor of the group, wrote:

“For fun we are working with DC restaurants & bars to ban Members of Congress who plan on repealing Obamacare #trumpleaks #theresistance”

Dworkin went on to explain his idea of “fun”:

“Restaurants who don’t ban Members will be boycotted by DC residents & close down. We’ve done it before-It worked#trumpleaks #theresistance”

It’s nice to see Democrats exposing themselves for the bigoted, intolerant thugs they are.

If you’re religious and don’t want to bake a wedding cake or take wedding photos? Too bad. Disagree on how Americans should buy health insurance? It’s hair-on-fire-destroy-your-business-screw-your-employees-we-take-no-survivors-you-and-you-better-deny-service comes out in a heartbeat and with no sense of irony or understanding.



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