Meet the Half An Onion on a Quest to Annoy Donald Trump

Resistance to Donald Trump is popping up in all kinds of ways. Some are taking to the streets and protesting, while others are…creating twitter accounts just to get under Donald Trump’s skin.

The Twitter account @HalfOnionInABag popped up on Inauguration Day and has quickly amassed 319,000 followers. Half An Onion has one stated goal, he’s “just here to get more followers than @realDonaldTrump.”

It’s a bit sad that it’s actually possible that if this account gets more followers than our new president, it will annoy him.

While clearly a leftist runs the account, it has, for the most part, tweeted oniony potshots about the older Trumps and his administration.

Could we see angry tweets from a sitting U.S. president against an anonymous, humor account? The mere fact that Trump is president is a testament to anything being possible.

Whether or not the Half An Onion makes the President’s radar is questionable. And, of course, having more followers reduces Trump’s power as president by zero, but kudos on finding a novel way to get at the guy that might actually work.