Stop. The Simpsons Do Not Have a Death Wish For Sean Hannity

As a lifelong lover of The Simpsons, I always laugh a bit when one political side or the other takes umbrage at anything that’s in the show. The adult cartoon has a long history of hitting both sides regularly and wading into political waters. During the 2016 primaries they mocked all of the presidential candidates from both sides in one episode.


If you don’t like their political take, wait a week. Viewers on the left complain about their depiction of the Clintons as their tender little snowflake hearts cannot fathom why their point of view is worthy of mockery.

This brings us to this past Sunday’s show and how some on the right are trying to say that The Simpsons show writers have a death wish for Sean Hannity because of one segment that makes fun of Bill O’Reilly’s “Killing” series. No, really.

On Sunday’s episode, “Pork and Burns,” Marge Simpson is scanning for reading material at the car wash. While making her selection, we see the fake book Killing Hannity by Bill O’Reilly.

The cover is complete with O’Reilly lurking behind fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity with a dagger. Clearly the lefty writers at The Simpsons have a death wish for Hannity.


Give me a break. When did the loyalty oath to Fox News and its Trump shills get passed around?

Republicans regularly mock how the Left can’t handle a bit of humor at their expense. Politics can be depressing. Let’s not become that which we despise and appreciate the humor.




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