Jobless Losers Set up Permanent Trump Protest Location in DC

In a move that should surprise no one, a group of anti-Trump Millennials are hoping to set up permanent protest headquarters in Washington, D.C. before Donald Trump is inaugurated next month.


Of course, being Millennials — I know because I am one — they must give it a cute little name that reflects how totally serious they are and thus are calling it “District 13.” Naming their little band of jobless flunkies after the seat of the rebellion in the Hunger Games books. 

According to The Guardian, the “movement house” will be open to activist groups across the country who want to protest against Donald Trump.

“Ultimately it’s to make sure we hold him accountable,” said Moumita Ahmed, the founder of Millennials for Revolution, a group which span off from the Bernie Sanders-supporting Millennials for Bernie.

“Because his presidency is not normal at all. It’s our duty to make sure he doesn’t succeed.

“If he succeeds it’s a message that everything he stood for is OK. That it’s OK to get to power in the way that he did, and hurt all the people he’s hurt.”


No word on whether they would be protesting the same had Hillary Clinton won the presidency. Admittedly, her husband’s 1994 crime bill has deeply impacted minority communities in America and made the issue worse in many ways. But I digress.

And of course, the protest groups trying to get District 13 going are counting on sympathizers to give them money by starting a crowdfunding page to get $50,000.

It’s remarkable that the side who said that anyone who hoped a president was not successful in fundamentally transforming America was a racist and un-American are now telling us that anyone who supports the new incoming president is essentially the same.


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