Cal State's Intolerance of Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager Inspires New Documentary

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager may seem like strange bedfellows unless you know little about one or the other. As conservative as I am, I’ve come to know Dennis Prager and Prager U through Adam Carolla. But the latest Prager/Carolla project was to take place at Cal State Northridge, where they’ve performed together before.

As Prager notes, the university didn’t have an issue with Prager or Carolla being a part of the discussion…until they heard what the topic the pair would be tackling was. This time, Prager and Carolla were going to discuss the intolerance of conservative thought at universities today and whether or not college is “worth it.”


I think they must have touched a nerve with that topic. Upon learning what was to be discussed Cal State Northridge decided there would be logistics problems and decided the event was no longer something they wished to host. The entire episode spurred an appearance by Dennis Prager on the Adam Carolla Show earlier this week, where you can hear the entire account.

Universities used to be places where thoughts and ideas were explored. Indeed, the entire concept of tenure was to allow university professors the freedom from fear of losing their job in case they challenged ideas and beliefs. Today it’s used as a way to decide how vested in the union someone is.

Today’s universities are now places where students must be sneaked into events featuring a conservative Jewish Millennial and disinvite Ayan Hirsi Ali because she’s said negative things about Islam.

They fear they and their students will be triggered by cisnormative, white men who are trying to oppress them. Despite all evidence to the contrary they are victims looking for a plight and see homophobic, racist, sexist bigotry at ever turn.

So guys like Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager must not be allowed. The university as one big safe space must be preserved and ideas to go unchallenged. Liberal thought is only to be confirmed, or be prepared for a hate speech allegation.

So what are two media moguls who have a penchant for figuring out how to do things on their own when told ‘you can’t do that here’?

They tell the man to screw off and decide to make a documentary called ‘No Safe Spaces’ and the danger that mentality is doing to society.

The movie will have Prager and Carolla visiting college campuses across the nation this fall, where they’ll talk to students and professors and visit their so-called safe spaces. Presuming the students allow for it, the pair will attempt to debate those who advocate for such policies.

“Universities have become a laughingstock,” Prager said. “When prestigious institutions of rigorous academic instruction give out coloring books and Play-Doh to 20-year-old students in designated safe-space areas on campus, we are failing them.”

We are indeed. But at the average rate of $40,000 a year and the goal of every child must go to college the mantra of the left, universities have no incentive or interest to stop.

Adam Carolla has created and produced two documentaries recently, Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman, and The 24 Hour War, about Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II at Le Mans. This next documentary will feature the duo appearing at universities across the country and is sure to be no slouch effort.

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