Thanks to Two Dedicated Sisters, Six Siblings are Together Today

Sisters can be a curse and a blessing. Trust me, I know. But six displaced siblings in Texas will be growing up together thanks to the latter.

Tracie and Sherrie Smith do everything together. And this year on National Adoption Day (November 18th) they adopted six very lucky siblings, from a drug-addicted biological mother and a biological father who is in prison, will be able to grow up together in the same house and family.


Tracie and Sherrie have been best friends and lived together their entire adult lives, including during Sherrie’s health issues in her early twenties. They have a beautiful home in the southwest Dallas/Ft. Worth area, but something was missing.

“I knew I wanted to be a mom,” Tracie says before commenting that Sherrie was less sure, but they agreed to be foster parents to four siblings. “Then they said, ‘There’s actually six, but no one will take six. Nobody’s crazy enough for that.'”

But coming from a blended family themselves, where three of their siblings were adopted, they decided they were crazy enough.

Because Texas has 14,000 children in foster care, Tarrant county allowed the two sisters to adopt the six siblings ranging from seven-year-old, Aaron, to one-year-old, Jake.

Should a special man or men enter their lives, they say they plan to live next door to each other so the family can still be together.

Watch their inspiring story here:



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