School Project Or Manipulation? Kids Write Letters to Trump Asking Him to Be Kind

It’s no secret that our President-elect has difficulty being kind at times. After eighteen long months of a ruthless campaign, that from start to finish was peppered with Donald Trump insulting people on Twitter to the debate stage, it would take a long time to list off all the terrible ways the man was unkind during that time.


As much as adults may have tried to keep the presidential race out of earshot from their children, kids aren’t stupid and pick up on the things going on around them. I can say anecdotally that the Saturday before election day my eight-year-old was appalled when I told her the election was on Tuesday. “The election is on Tuesday! But I don’t like either of those people!”

Now that Donald Trump is the President-elect, a few parents got together and created a Facebook group for parents to post letters to their newly elected president asking him to remember to be kind to others.

The only guidelines for posting a letter asks that submission should “Please, keep it positive. The letters should be kind in tone and non-partisan. Consider this as your opportunity to persuade.” However, the group has received some negative feedback due to many of the letters clearly being from children in left-leaning families.

Bringing children into politics is always a tricky issue and walks a fine line between engaging them in civics lessons and using them as pawns for adult’s agendas. However, children have been writing letters to the President for as long as we’ve had them.


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