Why We Don't Elect Presidents via Popular Vote

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I’ve written more than that combined here, here and here. But for anyone who is still on the fence on whether the Electoral College should be abandoned for the popular vote, maybe this from Michael Ramirez will help:



The popular vote is vastly unfair to those in rural areas and smaller states. Our Founders contemplated and understood the inherent misrepresentation issue of a pure popular vote. In today’s America, four states would matter in a popular vote, and the rest of the country would be S.O.L.

To think that a country as vast as America would stick together, under those circumstances, is naive.

America exists after more than 240 years because we adopted federalism and each state, no matter the size or population, was represented equally and proportionally. Abolishing the Electoral College is nigh impossible and at the very least foolhardy.


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