August 5 is Pamela Gorman Day on From the Right Radio

FTR Radio announced this morning that Thursday, August 5th will be Pamela Gorman Day. Gorman, a former Arizona State Senator, is running for Congress in Arizona’s 3rd District. FTR Radio will dedicate much of its programming Thursday to all things Pamela Gorman.


Thomas LaDuke, Programming Director at FTR Radio said , “We will play interviews with Senator Gorman, as well as spin her favorite music and share some of her best cooking recipes. Senator Gorman is the type of no-nonsense conservative that we need in Congress and we are happy to dedicate Thursday to her.”

“Pamela Gorman is a fighter. I am excited to have FTR Radio dedicate a day to a true conservative-and Pamela Gorman is the right person to send to Congress,” said Paul Croteau, Director of Operations at FTR Radio.

To listen to Pamela Gorman Day on FTR Radio, go to For more information on Pamela Gorman, visit


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