Take the hit!!

I just finished watching the Ted Cruz interview on Meet the Press with David Gregory. Gregory grilled Ted Cruz and did everything short of saying he was flatout wrong. I commend Ted Cruz for standing solid and making his case. Everything he said was unchallengeable and should have ended the discussion. But, Gregory  said the facts were bunk. He basically told us what is happening to people in regard to their  their jobs and health insurance is false– in other words, nothing to see here, Obamacare will be great. It doesn’t matter that Unions, Congress, and the IRS are getting exemptions. We the American people should take Obamacare and like it.


The same kind of attitude was held by Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia. Chris Wallace put up several facts for him to see. Here are a few.


Wall Street Journal on the cost of premiums:

Now- 73 per month

Obamacare- 173 per month

Investor’s Business Daily:

313 companies are laying off workers or cutting hours due to Obamacare.


Wallace then read an excerpt from a letter from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to an elderly couple saying that because of Obamacare their deductable will go from $1000 a year to $5000 a year.

Tim Kaine laughed and again said that insurance companies were lying.; again, nothing to see here, Obamacare will be great. Mike Lee of course refuted all of Kaine’s affirmations.  K So, here is what I conclude based on these two examples.


  • Obama care is whooping success and a boon for the economy. Who gets the credit? Obama or the Republicans? Answer: Obama of course.
  • Obamacare is a complete failure. Who will get the blame? Will his supporters then have the courage to own this monstrosity and demand Obama resign for presiding over this? Answer: no. They will blame Republicans.

I know I have stated this premise before in other diaries. I hope it is very clear this time. Because I believe this premise to be true, here is what I think Republicans and we as the grassroots should do in regard to a possible government shut down. Take the blame! Take the hit!


Yes, I said it, take the blame! Don’t argue that it was Harry Ried’s shutdown. Let’s own it! If the Senators do not want the blame then I as a Grassroots Republican will take responsibility for it. In fact when a lib tries to blame me my response will be, “Your’e damn right I did and I am damn proud of it and I would do it again.”

Why should we own this? Because it would have been the right thing to do. Obamacare was so bad that it in order to stop it it was the worth shutting down the government. I believe it is. And I also believe there is no way we can get any of the supporters of O care to be honest about it.

So, because of that, this is what they get. If people get angry because they got furloughed, then they should think about who they voted for. If it was Obama twice, then boo hoo hoo! If they didn’t, then they’ll understand. I am not saying this will be pleasant.  The cure for cancer never is, is it? And if we do not act now, it only gets worse and will be uncurable–if we are not already at this stage.

Doing what’s moral and principled sometimes comes with consequences. If you are truly a moral person you do what is right regardless of those repercussions. So, take the blame for the government shutdown and be proud of it! Take the hit!



*I will edit this throughout the day



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