39 Days...

Over the past 20 months, you have heard from me and my colleagues in the House about the importance of this election cycle.

Today I am writing with a clear and immediate message we cannot afford to ignore: 39 Days…that’s all the time left for you to make a difference this election cycle.


I cannot stress this point enough: we are in the final stretch. Democrats are desperate – and without your support Nancy Pelosi will still be holding the Speaker’s gavel in 2011.

That is why the NRCC has launched its 39 Days Campaign. This initiative will provide you with 39 candidates and 39 facts you cannot ignore. Additionally, it lays down a challenge to help raise $39k a day to help keep Republicans on offense down the stretch – and every dollar will go to ensuring victory in November.

We are on offense across the country: from Maine’s 1st District, where the hypocrisy of Rep. Chellie Pingree has been exposed; to Florida’s 22nd District, where desperate Democrats have published Col. Allen West’s social security number – and all the way across the country, where in California’s 47th District, Rep. Loretta Sanchez is using divisive tactics in a last-ditch attempt to hold on to her seat.

But it doesn’t stop there. A recent poll from Pennsylvania’s 8th District – the typical suburban/exurban district that Democrats were allegedly solidifying control of – shows Rep. Patrick Murphy trailing by 14 points. These are just a few examples of districts where your support has and can continue to make a difference. I thank you for your support and urge you to visit www.nrcc.org/39days. Be sure to check back on a daily basis to get updates on races, facts you can’t ignore, and the latest news and TV ads exposing the truth about Democrats.


Twenty months ago, I believed that we could make retiring Nancy Pelosi a reality. Back then, pundits marked our deep minority status and low expectations for Republican gains – nothing close to the magnitude of what we can achieve this fall. In less than two years, we have gone from Time classifying the Republican Party as an endangered species to political handicappers – such as Charlie Cook, Stu Rothenberg, Larry Sabato and even The New York Times – declaring that a Republican House majority is more likely than not. Over the next 39 days, we can make that happen.

The time has come to move from good to great to victory.


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