Wimmer the One for Women in Utah 4

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The conservative voters of the Utah’s new Fourth Congressional District have a tremendous opportunity to choose a candidate who will fight for all of its citizens, but especially women. That candidate is Carl Wimmer and Concerned Women for America is proud to endorse him for Congress.


Throughout his career in law enforcement and the state legislature, to say nothing of his own experience as a father, Carl Wimmer has demonstrated a genuine concern for women’s issues – and I’m not talking about those “women’s issues” as defined by the feminist Left.

Carl Wimmer is a fighter for the family. As a police officer, he worked tirelessly to keep South Jordan’s families safe, leading the local S.W.A.T. team and visiting schools through the D.A.R.E. program to teach young students about the benefits of drug free lives.

In the Legislature, he sponsored the Jessica Lunsford Act, which increased the penalties for criminals convicted of child rape. As a father of three children and two disabled foster children, Carl recognizes and cherishes the sanctity of precious life. He worked to close loopholes within Utah’s pro-life laws – he fought for the Unborn Child Prevention Act, which requires doctors performing abortions to notify the mother that their unborn child can still feel pain, and offer an anesthetic.

Just as important, Carl Wimmer has fought for families by reducing their tax burden so they can grow and prosper. He has consistentlyopposed tax increases in Utah. In fact, he’s never once voted to raise a tax. The Club for Growth has endorsed his campaign, celebrating his record as a “free market champion.” His commitment to constitutional limits on government power is unmatched – he founded the Patrick Henry Caucus, a national organization opposed to unconstitutional federal expansion.


Among the most commendable of his achievements, Carl Wimmer sponsored legislation that paved the way for the states to sue against ObamaCare’s mandates.

Carl Wimmer’s commitment to safety, family and human life – and his proven record on those issues that women across Utah deeply care about – should be rewarded with conservative support in Utah 4. He is the best candidate, regardless of gender, to stand for Utah’s conservative principles in Congress.

Penny Young Nance is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Concerned Women for America.


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