"You Remind Me of My Daughter" -- Trump to Stormy Daniels

It’s totally normal to compare a porn star you’re banging to your daughter, right? It’s even more normal to do so right after the porn star spanks your bare behind. Right?


Daniels told “60 Minutes” that Trump began talking about a magazine he was on the cover of when she said, “Someone should take that magazine and spank you with it.” Daniels alleges that Trump then turned around, “pulled his pants down a little,” and that she “gave him a couple of swats.”

It was then that Daniels says Trump brought up his daughter, Ivanka.

“He was like, ‘Wow, you — you are special. You remind me of my daughter.’ You know — he was like, ‘You’re smart and beautiful, and a woman to be reckoned with, and I like you. I like you,'” Daniels told Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes.”

It’s the same thing he allegedly told Karen McDougal.

By the way, you don’t have to like David Axelrod to find this funny:


Trump slept with a porn star right after his wife gave birth to his son. His supporters will rush to defend him. Hey, Trumpalos, you got a pretty good omnibus bill out of the guy — complete with continued funding for sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood — so I can see why you’d defend this creepy immorality.

UPDATE: There is a serious angle to this, you realize. Cohen’s hush money probably violated campaign contribution laws. If Trump colluded with him on that, Trump is vulnerable. As the 60 Minutes piece notes, John Edwards was indicted for similar activity, although his case did not result in a conviction. There are indeed lurid aspects to the story, but it’s not a joke.



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