CNN Chyron Writers Think They're Clever (They're Not)

The guys who write the snarky little parentheticals in the CNN chyrons are at it again — and they have been unleashed with a vengeance:


I’ll save you the click. Here are both of the images in the tweet:

And they keep doing it:

The people at CNN would tell you that they’re just standing up for facts. (They’re not.) But the last tweet makes the point that the “facts” asserted in these snarky chyrons are not as clear as they would have you believe.

And the folks at CNN have their own problems with facts and bias. You want evidence of factual sloppiness at CNN? Their own Van Jones claims that mass shooters are all Republicans. (They’re not.) You want evidence of bias at CNN? They’re hosting a town hall with students called: “Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action.” With a title like that, one wonders how many victims who oppose gun control will be invited. They’re out there, you know.


Pushback on facts, especially with a perpetually dishonest President, is to be applauded. But there’s a way to do it, and a way not to do it. If you choose snark, and you don’t clean your own house first, you’re begging for the same snarky treatment in return.

I guess CNN thinks that these snarky chyrons are a good idea. (They’re not.) Apparently they think that running these sarcastic little parentheticals will cause viewers to take CNN seriously.

(They won’t.)



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