Single-Payer Still All the Rage in California

California is still California. At National Review, Jim Geraghty notes that, while the state’s recent attempt to foist single-payer on its citizens failed, California politicians going forward are consistently going to adopt extreme leftist positions — and that means more attempts at single-payer. Geraghty quotes a Washington Post piece that argues:


[Winning a Democratic primary] means staking out the most liberal stance on issues such as single-payer health care in California, a highly expensive initiative that failed in the legislature last year. The push is in response to the uncertainty surrounding health-care revisions in Washington, but it is estimated to cost twice the state’s annual budget.

Geraghty reminds us that the price tag is expected to be $400 billion, which is not really quite twice the state’s annual budget, but it’s close. (Remember how the tax bill’s elimination of SALT deductions was supposed to make California more fiscally responsible? Ha!) If enacted, it would make California an even greater magnet for illegal immigration, and worsen the already dire doctor shortage.

But you have to support it to get elected in this state.

Meanwhile, to his credit, Donald Trump is rejecting Democrats’ efforts to palm off single-payer on the nation:


Trump’s Twitter policy announcements often carry an expiration date, depending on who gets his ear at any particular moment, or what Fox and Friends thinks of the given policy issue. Still, this is better than his sticking with his past support for universal healthcare.

California: Donald Trump looks more sane than you on this issue. Chew on that for a while.



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