Lindsey Graham: My Memory Has Not "Evolved" on Whether Trump Said "Sh*tholes"

Senator Lindsey Graham has weighed in on the sh*tholes controversy that has dominated Trumpworld during the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. Sen. Graham would not directly answer the question whether Trump used the term “sh*tholes” (or “sh*thole countries” or “sh*thouse countries) to describe certain African countries. But the implication is clear:


In his most extensive comments yet about Thursday’s explosive Oval Office meeting, the Seneca Republican again declined to confirm whether Trump specifically used the term “sh*thole” to describe the countries.

But, in what appeared to be a direct jab at Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue, Graham said, “My memory hasn’t evolved. I know what was said and I know what I said.” Sen. Tim Scott, R-North Charleston, said Friday that Graham told him media reports of what Trump said were “basically accurate.”

After initially saying they could not recall what the president said, Perdue of Georgia and Cotton of Arkansas said Sunday that Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat who said he heard the “sh*thole countries” comment, was misrepresenting Trump’s remarks. They also contradicted Graham, who has not denied reports about Trump’s comment.

. . . .

When Trump made the incendiary remark, Graham spoke up, telling the president that “America is an idea, not a race.”


I have bleeped out the profanity in the quote. This is a family blog after all!

You don’t have to like Lindsey Graham or what he stands for. At least he’s consistent. His positions don’t evolve. They remain rock solid, through thick and thin.

Oh, right.



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