Wichita Police Release Audio and Body Cam Footage from Deadly SWATting

Last night I posted about a SWATting in Wichita, Kansas on Thursday night in which the SWATting victim was killed. Police have released the audio of the SWATting call:


The voice does not sound familiar, but the dead affect does; it’s like other SWATting calls I have heard in that respect, including my own. The caller sounds almost bored as he (quite falsely) describes having shot one family member and trained a gun on others.

There is also body cam footage of the shooting, from a great distance. The Wichita police put in on their Facebook page, and that post is embedded below. (Give it a second to load; the body cam footage starts at about 7:15.)

(If it just won’t load, click here for a Youtube version.)

It’s very difficult to see what actions (if any) prompted the shooting.

What a tragedy.



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