Another Person Corroborates Roy Moore's Accuser

Another person has emerged to corroborate the allegation that Roy Moore molested a 14-year-old girl in 1979:


Like the other corroborating witnesses, this person did not witness the event, of course. He was just told about it by the victim years ago. But his account can now be added to those of the two people detailed in the Washington Post story:

Betsy Davis, who remains friendly with Corfman and now lives in Los Angeles, says she clearly remembers Corfman talking about seeing an older man named Roy Moore when they were teenagers. She says Corfman described an encounter in which the older man wore nothing but tight white underwear. She says she was firm with Corfman that seeing someone as old as Moore was out of bounds.

“I remember talking to her and telling her it’s not a good idea,” Davis says. “Because we were so young.”

A second friend, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of losing her job, has a similar memory of a teenage Corfman telling her about seeing an older man.

Between all these people, Roy Moore’s bizarre statements in his interview with Sean Hannity, the evidence of his interest in other young girls, the apparent lack of bias on the part of the accusers, the garbage character of Moore, and cold hard facts that corroborate other aspects of the woman’s story, it looks very bad for Moore.


This is what the Bannon wing of the Republican party asked for. Now they have it.

Great job, guys.



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