UGLY: Tucker Carlson and Max Boot Face Off

Tucker Carlson has a knack for creating viral content in his often aggressive interviews. This time, however, he lets the sneering and snide side of his personality completely take over, as he takes on Max Boot, who gets down in the gutter with Carlson to create a nasty exchange that I find embarrassing for both parties:



The two men repeatedly interrupt each other, snipe at each other, and generally act like an old married couple who have been cooped up in the same tiny house for far too long. Three cheers to you if you can keep watching after Carlson sneers: “Maybe you should choose a different profession. Selling insurance. House painting. Something you’re good at.”

The only thing that could make the clip more unbearable would be to have Jon Stewart materialize between them to start lecturing them both.

I see people all over the Internet saying that one of these men “destroyed” the other . . . although opinions seem to diverge widely as to who was the destroyer and who was the destroyee.

Me, I think they both come out of it looking a little smaller.

But hey, it’s great for ratings.




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