Trump Owns TrumpCare

Trump Owns TrumpCare
FILE - In this Jan. 26, 2017 file photo, President Donald Trump speaks at the Republican congressional retreat in Philadelphia. President Trump incorrectly claimed in a television interview that two people were shot and killed in Chicago during then-President Barack Obama's farewell speech. Chicago police records show no one was fatally shot in the city on Jan. 10, the day of Obama's speech. There were five shootings, but none occurred while Obama was speaking. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke File)

I made this point early this afternoon, but the events of the day have only reinforced the conclusion: President Donald Trump bears full responsibility for the GOP’s disastrous proposed health care bill. The stories are all linked by Allahpundit here. Here’s Mike Pence daring Republicans to reject this excrement sandwich:

“If you like your Obamacare you can keep it,” Pence told Republicans at a closed-door meeting Tuesday. “But the American people want change.”…

The White House on Tuesday cast the GOP bill as a “work in progress,” a sign that changes may be necessary in order to move it through the House. Pence acknowledged that reality by saying as the legislative process goes forward, the GOP plan “is the framework for reform and we are certainly open to improvements and to recommendations in the legislative process.”

But he also warned the GOP, “this is the bill” backed by President Trump.

Similarly, Kevin Brady reinforced the idea that Trump is pushing this version of the bill:

The president made it very clear that this is his bill and there are no excuses — it’s time to act now. It is clear he is putting his presidential weight behind [the measure].

If you like your TrumpCare entitlements you can keep them.

By the way, the second article linked above comes from The Hill, which bullheadly characterizes this bill as “the House’s plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.” Nonsense. ObamaCare Lite, aka TrumpCare, is entitlement city. It does not come close to repealing ObamaCare. There’s no repeal about it, and don’t let the lying media tell you otherwise.

Here’s the final nail in the coffin:

Ah, the old “binary choice” canard! It worked so well for him during the election! Why not drag it out again now?

The problem is, this isn’t an election. There are other possible options.

But it’s part of a con artist’s sales pitch to artificially restrict your options to two: one that is unpalatable, and another that the con artist wants you to pick.

We’re not falling for the con this time.


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