Deadspin Editor Melts Down After Cruz Owns Him

Today, I leave discussion about Trump’s obsession with the popular vote, his threatening to “send in the Feds” to Chicago, or the upcoming week of “Celebrity Apprentice: The Supreme Court” in the capable hands of others. This post is going to be about making fun of a snarky lefty.

You have likely heard about the little Twitter interchange between Deadspin and Ted Cruz. If you missed it, you can see the embeds at Mickey White’s post. The executive summary is: Deadspin’s Ashley Feinberg tweeted out a request for pictures of Ted Cruz playing basketball (after Politico reported that Cruz is playing basketball as part of a new collegiality campaign). Cruz tweeted out a picture of Grayson Allen, a Duke basketball player who looks so much like Cruz it’s a meme. Deadspin responded with humorless profanity, and Cruz responded humorously with the Ron Burgundy “that escalated quickly” meme. All good, fun stuff.

Then it got even better. (This post is about to go all Twitchy on your backside, with a lot of Twitter embeds — but hey, this is a Twitter-centric mockfest.) Deadspin editor Tim Marchman got busy:

But don’t email him. Tweet him. Trust me. It upsets him a lot more.


I’m not sure if the reference to the “UFC octagon” was a reference to an actual physical fight, or just the hardscrabble manly testosterone-infused brawling that is an email exchange with Tim Marchman.

Anyway, it’s not a real big surprise that the ridicule kicked into high gear right about then. Here’s one example:

Sounds like the email thing isn’t working out for old Tim though.