More Evidence CNN Was Right: Multiple Outlets Confirm Comey Personally Briefed Trump on Dossier

First DNI James Clapper issued a statement that tended to support the CNN report that the intelligence community had briefed Donald Trump about allegations that the Russians had gathered compromising information about Trump. Then Joe Biden confirmed that he and Obama had been briefed on the material.


Tonight, multiple outlets are reporting that James Comey briefed Trump on the material personally. The Hill:

FBI Director James Comey briefed President-elect Donald Trump on a two-page summary of an unverified dossier claiming Russia had compromising information on the real estate mogul, CNN reported Thursday.

That contradicts claims by members of Trump’s transition team and other news outlets that intelligence officials never briefed Trump on the two-page addendum to a classified report given to President Obama and leaders in Congress about Russian efforts to interfere with the presidential election.

Well, well. Looks like CNN may have gotten it right after all.

“Other news outlets” specifically refers to NBC, which had issued a report that claimed Trump had never been briefed on the information. Even NBC is now confirming the story about the briefing by Comey.


As Jay Caruso said after the Biden confirmation of the briefing:

Will all the of the Trump people were screaming at Jake Tapper now call out NBC for reporting “fake news?” They shouldn’t. NBC merely got the story wrong. CNN got the story right. That sometimes happens in journalism. Don’t be so quick to accuse reporters of bad faith.

Sometimes, they just get it wrong.




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