Nate Silver: Hillary Clinton Is One State Away from Losing the Election (VIDEO)

If your top priority in this election is to be entertained (and let’s face it, that’s a pretty good description of an electorate that nominated Donald Trump), then you should be thrilled. You want drama? You got it!


NATE SILVER, FIVETHIRTYEIGHT: So, we show a three-point lead nationally for Clinton, and she’s about a 2-1 favorite. The electoral college map is actually less solid for Clinton than it was for Obama four years ago where four years ago we had Obama ahead in states totaling 320 some electoral votes. Clinton has about 270, so she’s one state away from potentially losing the electoral college. You’d rather be in her shoes than Donald Trump’s but it’s not a terribly safe position.

Whether all this excites you or depresses you depends on who you’re rooting for. Are you a fan of the vindictive New York leftist under multiple investigations who favors single-payer health care and amnesty? Or are you for Hillary Clinton? (Make sure to tip your waitresses; I’m here all week!)

Silver goes on to explain that, while the national polling is about the same for Hillary as it was for Obama in 2012, her lead is softer in several key battleground states. Turnout will be important.

Luckily, the GOP nominated a candidate who spared no expense on his ground game, and showed great attention to detail in terms of creating and carefully maintaining sophisticated voter turnout mechanisms.

Oh wait, sorry, I was just dreaming that the GOP had nominated Ted Cruz. Never mind!




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