More Evidence Trump Has Given Up: He's Barely Contributing to His Own Campaign Any More

Donald Trump has given up on trying to win the presidential election, and the latest evidence of that fact is his pitiful donation of only $33,000 to his campaign so far in October:

Donald Trump has repeated it so much it’s almost part of his stump speech: He’s going to put $100 million of his own money into his campaign before Election Day. But new filings show he’s got a long way to go if he’s going to hit that mark.

The Republican presidential nominee has given a mere $33,000 to his campaign this month. That means he needs to pony up another $44 million to fulfill the boast that’s become a familiar refrain in interviews and rallies over the past several days.

“I will have more than $100 million in the campaign,” Trump told CNN on Wednesday. “And I am prepared to go much more than that.”

Over the course of his presidential bid, the New York businessman who says he is worth $10 billion has given about $56 million of his own money. The majority of that spending occurred in the GOP primary. During the general election, his campaign gifts slowed to about $2 million each month.

OK, everybody raise your hand who believes that Donald Trump will put another $44 million into his campaign before election day.

I have bad news for you. If your hand is in the air right now, you are an idiot.

Just like the people dumb enough to contribute to his campaign based on a phony and empty promise that Trump would triple their contributions:

At this point, I wonder if Donald Trump even has another $44 million in liquid cash.

I love the detail that most of the money he has spent, he spent in the primary — meaning he spent it to beat Republicans, and not the Democrat Hillary Clinton. (If this shocks you, raise your hand. OK, same people. Got it.)

Keep in mind that a bunch of the cash Trump “danates” ends up going right back into the Trump business:

Trump’s overall monetary contribution to his presidential bid shrinks when accounting for about $9 million in campaign cash that has returned to his family and businesses. That money has largely gone to the holding company of his private jet, but the campaign also paid for rent at Trump Tower, catering at his restaurants and even the Trump Ice bottled water that’s popped up at his events.

The irony of all this is that Mr. “Self-Funding” came in second to Hillary Clinton in terms of self-funding this month:

This comes as a surprise to everyone who didn’t realize Trump is a con artist, but is willing to look at the facts detailed in this post. That Venn diagram is two circles that don’t intersect. If you don’t know by now that Donald Trump is a con artist, you haven’t been paying attention — or you have, but you’re just so invested in the con that facts mean nothing to you.


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