Ayotte Set to Lose Senate Race for Saying Donald Trump is a Good Role Model

Steve Berman at The Resurgent has dire news about the Senate race in New Hampshire — and I don’t want to say it’s all Donald Trump’s fault . . . but it’s all Donald Trump’s fault:


[Democrat challenger and sitting Governor Maggie] Hassan is now up between 1 and 7 points in the last two polls. FiveThirtyEight gives Hassan a 65.8 percent chance of winning what should have been a safe senate seat from a popular Republican.

As New Hampshire goes, so goes the nation. If the highly elastic presidential polling has moved the down ballot race in the Granite State, imagine what it’s doing in other key senate races that are more positively correlated to the top of the ticket.

The highest probability event based on FiveThirtyEight’s model is that Democrats take control 51 to 49.

And what is Gov. Hassan’s strategy? Running this ad, which is airing all over the state:

All you have to do, as this video effectively does, is take Sen. Ayotte’s claim that she would “absolutely” see Donald Trump as a role model, and contrast that with his own piggish statements over the years. Voila! A seat the GOP should keep is in severe jeopardy.


Donald Trump is the greatest gift the GOP could give the Democrats. We told you this. We told you, over and over. Some of you didn’t listen — and your “reward” may well be worse than losing the presidency.

If you’re a fervent Trump supporter, please: go into a closet and don’t come out again until never.

This ends the public service announcement.



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