Biden Reveals What 'They' Warned Him Not to Do at AFL-CIO Event, Then Reporters Are Tossed, Feed Cuts Out

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden dropped by a meeting of national union leaders at the AFL-CIO Headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. 

I don't understand the concept of sending him around to more people to try to convince them, when every place he goes, he just makes things worse. It seems like his team is throwing him out there to say, "See all the places he's going, see all he's doing, he's competent." But if he keeps messing up in those places with all the focus on him, it's not exactly smart policy. 


Biden had his share of weird remarks such as: "I look back now and wonder how my dad handled those thin walls."

Yikes. Too much information. Does he not have any propriety filters left in his brain anymore? What does that have to do with the AFL-CIO? 

Then there was the incoherence — he keeps having trouble with his 16 Nobel laureates talking point. 

That was followed by the delusion/outright lying about why food prices were too high. It's not because of his overspending that spiked inflation, you see. It's because of "corporate greed" according to Joe. 

Why weren't they greedy under former President Donald Trump? Why was inflation only 1.4 percent under him? How was he able to convince those greedy corporations? Obviously, he's the guy we need here. 


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But he did say one other thing that was very revelatory. He told the union officials, "Not a joke. They're warning me not to take too much time with y'all today in terms of talking." 

Yes, they're afraid he'll mess up more. But it's something when he admits that the people behind the scenes are "warning him" and telling him what to do. 

Then he grabbed the mic and started ranting about how he had hired more people based on their race and sex. 

Then the feed cuts and reporters are herded out of the room. They weren't allowed to hear him take questions from anyone. 


Not a good look: 

When you toss out reporters and the feed cuts out, people tend to think you want to hide what your candidate has to say. It doesn't exactly spark confidence in him or reassure anyone, especially in the wake of the controversy over his cognitive decline. 



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