New Report of How They Prep Biden for Events Adds to the Furor

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I reported earlier about the binder that Joe Biden was caught reading during his visit to a black church in Philadelphia. 

He had extensive information in the binder with pictures. He was also carrying notes in his jacket pocket. He reviewed both while the bishop was speaking instead of listening to what the bishop was saying, which was frankly rude. 


Here's the video. 

Biden had that scary vacant look throughout the visit, and what the bishop said about Biden's "handicaps" was something else. 

Biden Displays Scary Look During Visit to Black Church,
and What the Bishop Said Is Raising Eyebrows

The reason I wanted to say a little more about that video is because of the report from Matt Vespa at our sister site, Townhall, pertaining to new information from Axios. This leak is truly going to make Jill flip out. The information shows the degree to which staffers have to stage manage Biden's every move at public events. 

For his events, President Biden's staffers prepare a short document with large print and photos that include his precise path to a podium, according to an event template the White House sends to staffers.

Why it matters: Since the June 27 debate, some Democrats who've attended and helped set up Biden events have wondered whether his team's focus on minute details were to obscure the 81-year-old president's limitations — rather than just a reflection of a meticulous staff.

  • "I staffed a simple fundraiser at a private residence, but they treated it like it was a NATO summit with his movements," according to a person who staffed a Biden event in the past 18 months.

They're even providing him with pictures of the "walk to the podium," as you can see from that template, to show him visually where he's supposed to be walking. 

There were also templates for "View from podium" or "view from audience." 

The staffer who helped with the fundraiser told Axios: "It surprised me that a seasoned political pro like the president would need detailed verbal and visual instructions on how to enter and exit a room."

Given the confusion we constantly see from him, particularly when leaving the podium, it's not surprising. Indeed, that makes it more concerning since that confusion we're seeing is apparently in spite of these detailed instructions. 

This isn't exactly new either, we've written in the past how they've given him such detailed notes they're even telling him things like "YOU take YOUR seat" or "YOU enter and say hello."  


The White House response to the Axios report is that this is normal advance preparation stuff. 

Really? It's normal to tell people to have to say hello and take their seat? I don't think the detail is normal. And certainly, Biden's actions and problems as he executes his "precision moves" are not "normal" either. 

It's not normal for him to call himself the "first black woman to serve with a black president." It's not normal to stare vacantly out into space and not be able to finish his sentences. It's not normal to start trying to talk to people he knows are dead. It's normal to be incoherent during a debate for the job of leader of the free world. 

So they can spin things to try to deflect from the problem, but no one is buying it anymore. 



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