Hilarious: Leftist Protesters Heckle AOC and Jamaal Bowman for Not Being Radical Enough

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As we reported, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) were out at a wild rally to help fellow radical Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) on Saturday. He's in big trouble in his race against a more moderate Democrat, George Latimer, and he may well go down in flames. Polls have Latimer up in double digits, so Bowman's Squad/socialist buddies are pulling out all the stops for the embattled candidate.


Bowman was jumping up and down, cursing, waving his arms around, and even pounding a chair on the stage as he chanted for a "ceasefire now" in the war in Gaza. “We are gonna show them who the f— we are! We are gonna show them who the f— we are!” he ranted. 

AOC wasn't any better, leaping all over the stage like a 16-year-old cheerleader and yelling about taking the state and country back.


Did she miss that all the mess is controlled by Democrats? Who is she taking it back from, herself? 

As Sky News Rita Panahi noted, Joe Biden is just eight percent ahead in what's supposed to be deep-blue New York. That's stunning. That's how in a hole they are now with the failure that the Democrats and Biden have brought. 

But what was very funny about that event with AOC and Bowman in the Bronx was that even in deep blue New York, they weren't able to get more than a few hundred people out, a very paltry crowd, particularly compared to the thousands who came out in May for former President Donald Trump in the South Bronx. No wonder they had to jump around to substitute energy for people who didn't show up. That doesn't bode well for Bowman's chances when they can't even turn out more than that. 


Then on top of that, even as AOC and Bowman were chanting for a ceasefire, they were being heckled by the far-left protesters over being "sellouts" on the issue of Gaza. They even changed that AOC's "hands were red." 

Meanwhile, outside the park, the anti-Israel group Within Our Lifetime, run by radicals Nerdeen Kiswani and Fatima Mousa, hosted their “Flood the Bronx for Gaza” to counter the rally to rip Sanders and AOC as “sellouts” for not backing Palestine enough to their liking.

Some banged drums while others held signs with slogans like “For class war to free Palestine! Dump Genocide Joe and the Squad.”

Kiswani said that at a minimum if AOC and Bowman wanted to be allies, they had to not endorse Joe Biden, who the protesters ridiculously claim is behind "genocide" in Gaza.

That's priceless. They'll even protest leftists like the Squad members unless they do everything they want and fall completely in line. AOC committed the sin of supporting Biden. 


The left just can't resist eating themselves with these kinds of tactics. 

That should win more people over. Not. 


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