YIKES: Chuck Schumer Gets Ratioed to the Sun for What He Just Did to a Burger

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is one of the most powerful people in the Senate and in the U.S. government. 

We've already seen how wrong he is on so many issues. 


But on Father's Day, Schumer also proved that he can be pretty darn ignorant — at least when it comes to grilling burgers — after he made a post on X that went viral. Our sister site, Twitchy, caught the action before Schumer deleted the post. 

Our family has lived in an apartment building for all our years, but my daughter and her wife just bought a house with a backyard and for the first time we’re having a barbecue with hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill!

Father's Day Heaven!

Americans immediately noticed the problem and ratioed Schumer to the Sun for what he was doing there. It hit over three million views before Schumer deleted it. 

To be clear, let's focus in on the horror. Even the breaking news account, Raws Alerts (or perhaps in this case, "Raw Alert" would be more accurate), was shocked and covered it. 


What does this say about Chuck when even a breaking news account takes him to task? I mean, we already knew Schumer was ignorant politically, but this is grilling sacrilege. Has he ever grilled anything before? Apparently not. Some said that he shouldn't have left the apartment if this was what he was going to do. 

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Is the note about only living in an apartment supposed to show he is limited in his options? He surely has more than enough means to live in a house if he wanted to. He's a very well off senator (funny how that always works). But this is what someone looks like when he's just pretending to be a regular relatable guy — but he doesn't really know how. 

Plus, grilling pictures seem to be like Mike Dukakis wearing hats or Joe Biden wearing a Kansas City Chiefs helmet. They just reveal ignorance and should never be taken when you have no idea what you are doing because they just make you look silly. 


Some counseled him to cook the meat longer. Ex-National Republican Senatorial Committee advisor Matt Whitlock teased him, “Seeing that piece of cheese on a raw patty,” with a gif of a concerned Steve Carell slinking away. Still others commented on his use of a gas grill while some Democrats have been criticizing the use of gas stoves. Others noted he didn't seem to care about the emissions spewing out from his efforts.

“I get that you’re playing to the masses but literally no one puts cheese on a raw beef patty,” Donald Trump Jr. added. “If you need help learning how to do basic grilling stuff let me know.”

“Tomorrow at lunch I’m going to ask In-N-Out Burger if they can make me a Schumer Special,” someone else joked.



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