CNN Interview Goes Off the Rails As Nathan Wade Is Asked When His Relationship With Fani Willis Began

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I'm not sure who thought it was a good thing to have the former special prosecutor in the Trump case in Georgia be interviewed by CNN. Perhaps Wade thought that CNN was a favorable network that would just parrot what he wanted to say. He probably thought that an appearance would help repair his reputation, which imploded when he was forced to resign from the case by the judge over his romantic relationship with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Wilis. 


But it didn't quite work out that way, as our sister site Townhall explained.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins asked him about his relationship with Willis now and he said that they were great friends. He then tried a little pity party saying the discussions now were about things like how are you handling the threats that are "coming your way...democracy, the case will live on," he said. Uh-huh, what a noble guy, a champion of "democracy." 

Then Collins asked when the romantic relationship started. You can see that Wade starts to answer it, but then his answer goes off the rails. 

Wade starts off seeming to pooh-pooh the importance of the dates, but even as he's talking, he's interrupted. Then he says, "I'm getting signaled here." Apparently, someone off-camera was signaling him this was a problem question. Then, his team gets him up in the middle of the interview and takes him over into a corner to talk with him about the question. 

Wade comes back, Collins asks if everything is okay, and he says yes. Then she continues. 

“Just to revisit the question, it was to clarify when the romantic relationship started and when it ended,” Collins asks.  

"I believe that the public has through, through the testimony and other, uh, interviews, the public has a clear snapshot that this is clearly just a distraction," Wade replies. 


"It is not a relevant issue in this case. And I think that we should be focusing on more of the facts and the indictment of the case," he continues. 

Collins tries to get more of an answer out of him, pressing on the dates. But he refuses to answer, saying he isn't going to say anything further, pending the case. But he does say that he doesn't think his relationship with Willis was a mistake. He might want to rethink that. 

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The case is now on hold against former President Donald Trump, pending appeal. So, if they hoped that it was going to reach a verdict before the election, that's likely not happening. But it did make the lawfare against Trump look worse with all the scandal and drama, and if the purpose was to impair Trump, it did the opposite. 


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