WH's Awful Response to Questions About Commuting Hunter's Sentence, Who's Traveling With Biden to Italy

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Joe Biden is on his way to Italy for the G7, and once again, all his efforts seem to be about securing more money for Ukraine. He'd be doing a great job if he were president of Ukraine. Unfortunately, he's occupying our Oval Office. 


Here he is, doing that stilted walk thing he does to the plane and the short stairs. Then, he appears to be followed up the stairs by one of his granddaughters: 

Then, on board the plane, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre gave some bad answers in the gaggle with reporters. This was a strange response. 

KJP confirmed there were a "number of family members" going to Italy, but she wouldn't identify who they were even though they were there on the plane with them. So why is she not identifying them? Are there more family members than the two granddaughters? Where's Hunter? And why are the granddaughters on the plane? Are they getting a free trip — because that's what it looks like — on our dime? 

We've seen this with Biden in the past, and it's not called out enough. He takes the extended family on a lot of these trips. And we saw with his wife Jill how she flew back and forth from France to Hunter's trial in Delaware on the taxpayer dime, and the DNC is going to pay back only a fraction of what this all costs. 



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The reporters also asked why Biden wasn't attending the G7 dinner on Thursday. 

KJP's response was a bunch of malarkey about it being a "jam-packed two days." Yes, that's why he's supposed to be there — for all the events, including the dinner. Is she saying he's incapable of doing two and a half days of work, like every other leader who is going to show up for the dinner? Because that's what it sounds like. 

Then there was another question with a bad answer about Hunter Biden's conviction. Biden has said he won't pardon his son. But at least one reporter thought that maybe the question wasn't specific enough, and asked, "You're not ruling out that Biden would commute Hunter's sentence?"


But Jean-Pierre wouldn't give a straight answer to that question while claiming Biden had been "clear." 

Great question and her answer is horrible that she wouldn't just say "no" given what Biden has said. That leaves open the door that they may play this game that he said he wouldn't pardon, he didn't say he wouldn't commute. Now, her reluctance may be because she never answers anything, or it may be that he is going to play word games. But they need to get him on record on this. 

Editor's Note: This article was edited for clarity after publication. Biden is seen being followed by two people, but it's unclear if the second person is his granddaughter Maisy.



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