Rep. Burchett Demands Investigation of Hunter Intel Letter, Then Destroys Dem 'Operative' in Laugh of Day

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Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) is demanding an investigation into the "Hunter intel letter" — the letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials that suggested the Hunter Biden laptop was a "Russian information operation." He's calling it out for "interfering in the 2020 election." 


I’m requesting an immediate investigation into @SecBlinken and the 51 intelligence officials for their role in interfering in the 2020 election. We don’t give the intelligence community all these taxpayer dollars for them to undermine our democratic process.

Good for Burchett; that's long been needed. I don't hold a lot of hope that they'll get any cooperation at all from the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, or the Biden administration. But they need to commit to action. They need to start the process and lay things out, so everything is in place when the new administration comes in, in 2025, and we may be able to get some real action. They need to hold people accountable, and do a deep dive to deal with the politicizing and weaponizing of the intelligence community. 


Burchett also has a wicked sense of humor, when it comes to talking about or responding to Democrats.

He had this response to a person on the left who called him a "traitor" and urged people to vote blue:   

Burchett joked about messing up a video he was trying to take and someone responded that he'd "pulled a Biden." He had a great reply to that one. 

"Except I know where the soft serve ice cream machine is in the Whitehouse (sic)," he joked. 

Then he dropped the laugh of the day on this guy, who he identified as a paid Democratic operative who tries to trip him up "every day." "Representative, will you commit to opposing a nationwide abortion ban?" the guy asked. I don't think this guy was quite ready for what Burchett said next: 


"Will you commit to putting some sunscreen on those legs? Man, I gotta wear welding goggles out here, they're so white," Burchett said. 

Oh, my gosh, now that's funny. I think that guy might need the sunscreen for the burn. I think he was trying to help him out there with the suggestion to protect his white legs, while being funny. Definitely, a classic comeback shot. 


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