The Powerhouse Meeting Between Musk, Peltz, and Trump - and the Effort Against Biden

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There's some fascinating news about an alliance between billionaires Elon Musk and Nelson Peltz and former President Donald Trump. 

We reported on Musk's meeting with Trump in March. Now, there are more details about the meeting, which was reportedly at Peltz's mansion. The men also had their sons at the meeting: Barron, Diesel, and Musk's son X, who is a toddler. There were also allegedly other wealthy and powerful people at the meeting. 


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At the meeting, the billionaires told Trump about a "massive data-driven project to ensure votes are fairly counted" that they were working on — a topic of great concern for Trump. 

The billionaires also told Trump of a plan to reach out to powerful networks to persuade influential people not to support Joe Biden, according to the report. Musk and others who share his views have been organizing meetings with powerful business leaders to encourage them not to support Biden. 

Musk has become a big critic of Biden and woke ideology in general. He's also found himself on the wrong end of Biden administration investigations once he became a critic and acquired the X social media platform. The left wasn't happy to have any social media platform slip out of their control, much less one with so much informational power as Twitter, now X. 

Musk hasn't endorsed Trump yet, but he has been talking with him regularly since their meeting in March on topics including illegal immigration, high tech, science, and the Space Force. 

Trump reportedly is considering a loose advisory role for Musk on the border and the economy "similar to that of former Marvel chairman Ike Perlmutter," who helped influence policies with the Department of Veterans Affairs. It's not formal, and it hasn't been decided yet. 


Meanwhile, Peltz, who founded Trian Partners, has already endorsed Trump because of immigration issues and concerns about Joe Biden's "mental condition." So it sounds like he's seeing what most have seen with Biden, that he's just not competent. 

Musk is going to continue to hold more salon-like gatherings against Biden.

In April, Musk co-hosted a secret dinner of around a dozen business leaders in Los Angeles. The guests included Peltz; venture capitalist Peter Thiel; former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin; and media mogul Rupert Murdoch, chairman emeritus of News Corp, which owns The Wall Street Journal, according to people familiar with the matter. The gathering was earlier reported by the news outlet Puck.

The group convened at entrepreneur and investor David Sacks’s 11,000-square-foot modern farmhouse atop the Hollywood Hills. Musk and Sacks worked together years ago on PayPal.

It's good that you finally have some people with money and position weighing in to fight the madness, although I sort of wish this report hadn't broken in a way. Now, the Biden team will likely focus even more on Musk and Peltz. But that shows you how far we've fallen when we have to worry about people being pursued because they politically oppose those in power.


But it sounds like they're doing what needs to be done — for people to stand up and say, "Enough already." Musk has not been shy about standing up for free speech, calling out Joe Biden's failures on illegal immigration and the dangers of the "woke mind virus." So it's no wonder that he's coming out and rallying support against Biden. But it takes courage to do it when they can train the power of the government on you. 


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