Biden's Trailing in NH Poll; His Creepy and Befuddled Remarks During Visit Definitely Won't Help Things

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Joe Biden was in New Hampshire to talk about the PACT Act on Tuesday.

The PACT Act deals with helping veterans who were exposed to toxins such as burn pits. So that was important to Biden because he feels his son Beau's cancer was related to his exposure to burn pits. 


But as he spoke about the Act and what he thought it had done, he spoke about the "sacred obligation" that he thought we owed to our veterans to take care of them and if our members of the military didn't come home to take care of their families. 

The bottom line was his bad policy led to the death of the 13 young Americans in Afghanistan during the chaotic withdrawal. Then he's never said their name or given the families satisfactory answers for their deaths. Not to mention talking about his own son and checking his watch when he met with the families. 

Then he said "we leave no veteran behind."  

But he left hundreds of Americans and thousands of our allies behind after the Afghanistan pullout. 

Then he started having teleprompter difficulty again, saying that the "surviving south [spouses]" can get benefits for the rest of their lives and then just tripping all over the teleprompter. 


During his remarks, Biden ad libbed a weird comment about how every man should marry into a family that has five daughters like he did, because, as he leaned closer into the podium, "one of them will always love you."

"That's the biggest advantage of marrying into five daughters," he said, saying one of them would always love you. 

Many found this comment pretty creepy and asked what he was implying. 

He wrapped up by having trouble saying the very name of the Act about which he was talking. 

He said, "After I signed the Packanapacatlack into law." Huh, what? When you need a translation on the very subject of which you are talking, there just may be a problem. 

Now, one might wonder why he would be talking about it in New Hampshire, in a state where you might think he would be ahead. But in the latest polling, it's neck and neck there as well. 


According to the New Hampshire Journal's latest poll, Biden's basically tied with former President Donald Trump, who's a smidge ahead, 36.6. to 36.5 percent. 

The Democratic Party's nominee hasn't lost in New Hampshire since Al Gore in 2000. Add that to other states like Minnesota and Virginia, states one wouldn't think would be in play, and it's approaching desperation time for Team Biden. 


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