Biden Shows Even Reading Is a Problem Now, As He Loses to the Teleprompter at Black Knights Event

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden had the United States Military Academy's Black Knights to the White House on Monday to present the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy to them for winning the competition among military academies. 


The Army team actually won it back in December after beating Navy, but it's taken Joe Biden this long to get around to recognizing them and presenting the trophy. 

This was the scene as they marched into the White House.

Then the cadets had to deal with Joe Biden, who looked ancient and spoke for only about five minutes. 

You can see here how even straight reading off the teleprompter leaves Joe confused about what he's supposed to be saying. 

"We're also joined bry [slurring] Army's biggest fans," Biden said. "Bill and Steve of show...Crawdads... Countdown to Kickoff." You can see him struggling to read it and his eyes and body following, moving to his left, as he tried to read it. 


Joe, you were only speaking for five minutes; you couldn't even look at what you were supposed to say before you said it? 

I'm waiting for some way to put on the teleprompter, "I resign effective immediately and I call out all the people who put me here who have participated in this elder abuse. Pause." They should do it just to see if he would read it, because he probably would. Or put nothing on the teleprompter, but then he'd just stand there looking panicked and filling in with stories about himself. 

They gave him an Army jersey and he seemed confused and was looking at it funny. 

Then when an aide came to get the jersey from him, he didn't seem to understand why she was there at first and it seemed like he thought he was supposed to shake her hand. Then he turned over the jersey, when she kept reaching for it. He spoke about parents, and I don't think any were there, and said something about the "spouses of the guys running the show" (what the heck does that even mean?).  


Finally as Biden was leaving, he was asked about his "message to Netanyahu" when they've reportedly cut off ammo -- even as Israel is in Rafah trying to wipe out Hamas -- Biden just blew off the question. 


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