Biden Loses to the Teleprompter Again As He Slurs His Way Through Remarks on Iran, Israel, and Ukraine

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Joe Biden delivered remarks on Wednesday on Iran and Israel, and the passage of the bill that gives supplemental aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

Of course, because it's Joe Biden, most of the comments centered around his priority — Ukraine. 


Incredibly, he claims we're "investing in our own industrial base" by giving our stores away to Ukraine because we have to replenish it. We wouldn't have to spend that amount if he didn't give our stores away. 


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Biden claimed they were trying to surge aid now so as not to drag the U.S. into a war in the future if Putin attacked a NATO country. But we are already involved in this war, with a seemingly endless supply of money/weapons going out to Ukraine, with no goal set that would signify the end of our involvement. 

He noted the bill was also sending aid to Israel. Even with the teleprompter, he had difficulty, slurring and dropping words in what he had to say. 

He tripped all over himself, trying to talk about the allies who helped against the Iran attack. 


Where were those allies from?  "Allies across the country, world...across the region." 

I don't think he understood what he was admitting when he spoke about how has Iran been able to support all those militants against Israel for years. Maybe it has something to do with the Biden team (and the Obama team before them) coddling Iran and cutting loose billions? 

He claimed the aid to Israel not only helped Israel but increased the aid to Gaza. Oh, goody, so when will Hamas steal that aid that we helped to provide — or is that an inconvenient question? He said the bill included one billion dollars for humanitarian aid. This is trying to appeal to his leftist base. 

Biden could barely even get this out without getting confused and dropping words, saying "It's a path to my desk." 

Biden then beat it out of there without taking any questions, saying he'd take them at another time because he had a speech at a hotel that he had to make. 


He says that but then he doesn't actually answer the questions later. It's just a way of ducking them now. 

You can see the full remarks here: 


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