Chinese Illegal Alien Arrested at US Military Base, but That May Just Be the Tip of the Iceberg

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We've been reporting on the huge flood of illegal aliens pouring across the southern border, and for more than three years now, Joe Biden has done nothing substantive to try to slow the flow. In addition to all the resulting problems like the overwhelming of the system, the drugs and crime that has resulted from all this, it puts our nation in great danger because it's a massive national security threat. The Biden team has no idea who is coming across that border. 


There have been a lot of questions about Chinese men of military age coming across the border in ever-increasing numbers. 

Now, there's a report that a Chinese illegal alien was arrested by the Border Patrol after he breached a military base in the El Centro sector of California. He was there without authorization and refused to leave. His purpose & intent behind his actions are still being investigated.

If he refused to leave, I think we can assume that there was something wrong here.  How did he even get on the base to begin with? Someone's going to have to answer up for that as well. And once they found him there, they just ordered him to leave, and only arrested him after he wouldn't? Were they just going to let him go without wondering or investigating what he was doing there? 


We don't know what this man's specific aim was. 

But we know that there's a problem of Chinese nationals being found at military bases. The House Oversight Committee raised the alarm in October 2023 about Chinese nationals accessing military bases.

“According to a recent report, Chinese nationals, sometimes posing as tourists, have repeatedly accessed, or attempted to access, U.S. military bases and other sensitive government facilities as often as one hundred times in recent years. These efforts to access U.S. military bases and facilities raise concerns about what these Chinese nationals are seeking to access and for what purpose,” wrote the lawmakers.  [....]

“These reports of Chinese espionage activities on U.S. soil underscore the Committee’s deepening concerns. It is imperative that our government is fully apprised of the breadth and depth of these activities, which pose significant threats to our national security, and our military personnel,” continued the lawmakers. 

This is another one of those areas where we have to ask: Does Biden even give a darn about the concerns and the potential dangers here? Seems like he's too busy making up stories about all the travel he did with Xi Jinping. 



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