HOT TAKES: The Picture That Says Everything About Why the Biden Team Is in Such Chaos

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The Biden team has spoken out rightly — against the use of TikTok and the danger that it can potentially pose. 

Joe Biden is now saying he will sign a bill to ban TikTok if the bill passes.


They say that they are trying to discourage people from using it, but then in the next breath, they turn around and use it all over the place, while trying to push Biden's campaign among young people. So much for their principles. It's more hypocritical "rules for thee" from them. Do they not think people will look at that and wonder about the inconsistency?

 But I have to say that a post by one of their TikTok content creators was quite the look into the operations of the Biden team. 

Lauren Kapp, who does TikTok videos for both the Biden campaign and the DNC, posted two pictures side by side on X, with the caption "responding rapidly from Biden HQ." This is quite something. 

Kapp limited the replies on her account, which showed she didn't want to hear what people had to say in response. That's not exactly a good way to take the pulse of the electorate. It's dumb because people comment anyway with quote tweets. So it doesn't do much, and it just makes you look cowardly. People certainly had plenty to say about this post. 

The first point so many made was how the folks on the right looked just like everyone imagined the Biden HQs rapid response team would look -- like a bunch of NYU theater kids, as one person on X put it.  


That explains so much about why we are in the mess we are now.  The picture appears to be them checking out the State of the Union and/or its aftermath. What was hilarious was while the talking points on the left are that Biden hit a "home run," none of them look happy at all with what is going on. Kapp also clearly has no idea what that picture looks like. It looks like the picture of the Hillary people who cried in 2016, some on X observed. This is the adults back in charge? 

Then the other hilarious thing that people pointed out to the Biden person is that the picture on the left did not show "Biden HQs"; it was the famous picture of Osama bin Laden being taken out in a raid, a raid ordered by Barack Obamawho you can see in the picture— and it was a raid that Biden opposed. So much for "rapid response." 

Do his people not even know that? Why would they post that picture, of all pictures, with that caption? They're either clueless or believe everyone else is. And do they really think posting on TikTok is the equivalent of hunting down and killing bin Laden? They needed a "war room" to get Biden through a speech and post on TikTok? These folks have a delusional view of themselves. 

I wrote earlier about how Biden, even in an interview that ran on Saturday, claimed America made a mistake in its effort to go after bin Laden, in going into Ukraine, which he then corrected to Afghanistan and Iraq (which was still wrong). Biden still can't get it right, even after decades. Neither he nor his team seem to know what's what. 


People had thoughts. 


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