Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Now Facing Trouble With the Georgia State Bar

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After all the problems regarding Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her former paramour, whom she appointed to be a special prosecutor in the Trump election case, you knew that they were going to be in trouble. 


Now, they have been referred by a watchdog group to the Georgia state bar for misconduct.

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) is alleging that the pair violated the rules of professional conduct in ethics complaints they filed with the bar. The AAF claims Wade lied under oath about the relationship with Willis and that Willis kept campaign money for personal use, and admitted it during her testimony. The Foundation is asking that the bar take action against both Willis and Wade to permanently ban them from the practice of law. 

The Foundation was upset about this part of Willis' testimony that we reported on, and thought it needed more investigation. 

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"Cash is fungible. I’ve had cash for years in my house. So for me to tell you the source of where it comes from ... when you go to Publix and you buy something and you get fifty dollars and you throw it in there. It’s been my whole life. When I took out a large amount of money during my first campaign, I kept some of the cash of that."


The AAF says that's a violation of Georgia campaign finance law, "Nothing in this Code section shall permit or authorize a candidate to utilize campaign funds for the purpose of making gifts, loans, or investments directly to: (A) The candidate…" The complaint document continues:

The statute is unambiguous – and the facts are not in dispute – as Ms. Willis described in her testimony, she placed the money that was intended for her campaign into a "fungible" slush fund with other moneys that she would use for various other purposes, including reimbursing her boyfriend for leisure travel.

The AAF claims that Wade lied in response to the interrogatories in his divorce case, claiming he hadn't slept with anyone else during his marriage. The complaint states:

First it is simply not credible that Mr. Wade did not know that he had sexual relations with Ms. Willis when he replied to the interrogatories above in his divorce case. Put simply, it is clear Mr. Wade knew that he had had sex with Ms. Willis, and he knew that at the time he was still married, and he simply lied in the interrogatories.


I think that's likely just the opening salvo of complaints and that we're going to see more, because those didn't even get into some of the other alleged lies and issues that have since come out in the disqualification hearing. As I previously reported, the Georgia state Senate is also looking into the matter. Grab the popcorn, because I expect there will be more complaints coming. 


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