Scary: As We're Attacked, Biden Makes Remark Revealing He Has No Idea Who the Sitting President Is

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I've written about Joe Biden's disastrous trip to South Carolina. 

It was jam-packed with incoherence and weirdness, including Biden going to a black barbershop, pandering, and making a weird comment to a man about how if Biden had him blocking for him, he could have been an All-American. He also freaked out and started screaming about former President Donald Trump spreading the false story that Trump refused to go to Aisne-Marne American cemetery with American WWII dead and called our fallen soldiers "suckers" and "losers." Not only has that been debunked, but Biden even mentioned his son, as though his son were one of the people buried there, when his son actually died of cancer at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in 2015. 



Biden Freaks Out in South Carolina and Starts Screaming About Trump

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But there's one more comment that he made about Trump that is very concerning that just was reported. As he was attacking Trump, who seems to live rent-free in Joe's head, he seemed to have no idea who the sitting president was as he slurred through this comment. 

Biden claimed that Trump said he wanted to see the economy "crash" this year, "A sitting president [untintelligible]."  Apparently, Biden thinks Trump is the sitting president. Trump was worried about the economy that Biden has messed up and driven into inflation. The economy under Trump was banging prior to the pandemic, but it's been crushing with rampant inflation and high interest rates under Biden. So he really can't talk about anything when most Americans don't have any trust when it comes to him and the economy. 


Biden also attacked Trump, falsely claiming that he wanted to take away people's right to vote. 

Trump hasn't done anything to take away anyone's right to vote. In reality, it's been the Democrats trying to take away Trump's right to be on the ballot and the right of the American people to vote for who they choose as they attempt to help Joe Biden's chances. So again, he shouldn't be talking -- he is everything he's projecting onto Trump. 

But it's truly scary that we have someone like this in charge who lies shamelessly and seems unconnected to reality while we are being attacked by "Iranian proxies" -- can we just say Iran already? That's another Biden-ism, not being honest about that so that he doesn't have to seriously address the problem. This weakness has now resulted in the death of three Americans and the wounding of many more. And what will be his answer? Unfortunately, I think it will just be more weakness. 



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