Biden Team Response on Missing SEALs Is Abysmal - What's Going on Here?

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As we reported, two Navy SEALs went missing off Somalia after one fell in the water and the other jumped in to try to save the first one. They were trying to board a dhow in rough seas in a nighttime seizure last Thursday. The boat was purportedly carrying Iranian-made propulsion, guidance, and warheads for the Houthis. 


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As my colleague Streiff explains: 

The SEALs were operating from the expeditionary mobile base USS Lewis B. Puller along the Somali coast with the mission of stopping the supply of advanced weapons to the Houthis. While supported by helicopters and drones, the SEALs used a small boat, probably the 11-meter Special Warfare Rigid Inflatable Boat, to board the dhow.

But it's now they've been "missing" since last Thursday and the Biden team doesn't seem to be providing any further answers. 

On top of that, when the reporters asked about whether there was an update on where the search for the Navy SEALs was at, they got a response from Pentagon spokesperson Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder seemed initially like he couldn't even understand what they were asking for in an update, why the reporters were even inquiring. 


"In terms of.. when you say update?" Ryder said, as though the reporter hadn't been clear or needed to explain something further. How are you so unprepared to answer what you have to know is going to be the first question, if you have half a brain cell?  

Ryder said the effort was ongoing and that their thoughts and prayers were with the families of the missing men. He said that now after almost a week, they have no updates. 

It seems odd that they have nothing further when the people went missing right in front of them. I get choppy sea and dark, but after this time, what's the issue? Do they just not want to say they can't recover them? Or is there something else here they don't want to say? The problem is the Biden team tells so many stories about so many things when they give us gas, we start wondering. 

And we've already seen their complete lack of transparency when it comes to things in so many ways, not the least of which was Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin and his medical issues. 

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National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby also had no answers to the question. The White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just moves on, sounding very bored and huffy. 

It seems like the same kind of attitude with the American hostages being held by Hamas. They stopped talking about them and seem to hope that people forget to ask now. 

These are the "adults" back in charge.


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