Yikes: Biden Campaign Calls Reporters to Wilmington to Issue Talking Points in Series of Meetings

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The Biden team has spread this pleasant fiction about why Joe Biden is doing so badly in the polls in approval and against the leading Republican candidate, former President Donald Trump. 


The first part of the fiction is insulting and paints Americans as ignorant — they just don't understand how great Biden is and how much he has done, they say. The second part of that is that it's just the "messaging." They just need to work on that. 

So here comes the Biden campaign in a transparently bad effort to tell the media what they should be saying about the race and deliver the talking points for them. 

According to a new report from Semafor, the Biden campaign team has been organizing some "off the record trips" for "top political reporters and editors to the team’s headquarters" to meet with campaign officials for "background briefings." 

Two people with knowledge of the situation told Semafor that during meetings with reporters from outlets like The New York Times, the Washington Post, and others, campaign officials have invoked a coverage spreadsheet laying out areas where the team believes their reporting has fallen short.

In particular, they don't feel that the media has been reporting on (read: not attacking) Trump enough for some of his recent statements. 

A source familiar told Semafor that with the exception of its recent meeting with the Times, the campaign meetings had been “substantive” and “productive,” and that Biden staffers were scheduled to meet in the coming days with political reporting teams from ABC, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fox, NPR, Reuters, Bloomberg, and others in Wilmington.


This effort makes the media look like the common servants being delivered their orders; "substantive" and "productive" sounds like what you would say about people working together, not media that is supposed to be questioning a campaign and honestly reporting on them. 

As our sister site Townhall observed, if Trump did this, the media's heads probably would have exploded and they probably wouldn't have gone along with it. But are any of those in the media going to question and call out this kind of tactic with Biden employing it to dictate to them? I wouldn't bet on it. I don't think they care about how it makes them look. 

But it's truly all the Biden team has left: trying to control the narrative because the truth is just not good for Joe Biden. Trump is beating him in the polls, Biden has the lowest approval of anyone at the same time in office, and CNN is painting a disturbing first electoral map of Biden's 2024 chances. A J.P. Morgan analyst is predicting Biden will drop out due to health reasons after Super Tuesday. Biden delivered a dismal attack speech demonizing Trump and MAGA people, falsely claiming police officers died as a result of Jan. 6 and he went to their funerals. Then his wife had to lead him off the stage so he wouldn't get lost and he was so confused the following day it sparked all kinds of talk. 


If the media fully reported the truth, Biden's numbers would be even worse and he'd be in even more trouble. 


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